Title of Session

Cybersecurity in the new era of Industry 4.0

Summary of Session

The rate at which technology innovation is influencing our life today is unprecedented; Enterprises have scaled their degree of digital operations to leverage business advantages. At the same time, cybercriminals see the increasing digitization as a window of opportunity.

IIoT (Internet of Things) devices will be the biggest technology crime driver in coming years;

The GCC region in the past has seen some of the worst cyberattacks globally, and this will definitely not be the last! specifically when the cybercriminals are already shifting their focus on AI.
Traditional cybersecurity like managing incidents by pairing them with known problems approaches may offer only limited help.

AI has the potential to make cybersecurity more efficient and responsive against ever increasing threats and improve the cyber security posture of an organization.

Presenter Short Biography

“An accomplished manger in multidiscipline with two successful startups to credit, with Over 10 years of experiences before embarking on my entrepreneurial journey. During my association with multiple companies in various sector (Oil & Gas), Project development & investment, Aviation (Salam Air Project)), I have gained good expertise working in strategies, Project Management, Contract’s managements, Service Delivery, Service Management, Infrastructure Operations, ICS System, Wireless Radio communication and Digital Oil field. In terms of education I have received my Master from Coventry university in information technology in 2014 majoring in oil field technology and with thorough study done on Digital Oil Field Communication.”

Learning Objectives

  • Industry 4.0 & Cybersecurity
  • Updated Cybersecurity Outlook
  • How Cybersecurity Is Different In Industry 4.0?
  • Artificial Intelligence: Empowering Cyber Security And Enabling Hackers
  • Elements Of Digital Security
  • Cybersecurity Current Challenges
  • AI In The Field Of Cybersecurity
  • Implementing AI In Cybersecurity
  • Security Strategy