ML ERA in CYBERSECURITY: Myths, Reality & Potential Misuse

ML-based technologies are positively transforming various fields of human activities. They will increasingly help fight fraud, evaluate and optimize business processes, improve testing procedures and develop new solutions to existing problems. However, post-truth vendors overrate the technology with unrealistic marketing and sales pitches. Like most disruptive innovations, even machine learning has its drawbacks. In addition, attackers can employ ML in multiple ways for their own benefit. Therefore is it a step to a safer world or the brink of chaos?


In 1987 Dimitris Raekos parents decided to make the best present ever to him for his 8th birthday; an Amstrad CPC6128 with color monitor. In a short period of time, he got excited from this interaction, started developing his own games and decided to follow this career path. During studies and after graduation he worked as a software developer, nowadays he is developing applications only as a hobby.

During the last 15 years he has been active in cybersecurity roles across EMEA as engineer, consultant and sales person having experience on different technologies and solutions. He is currently managing the day to day activities of ESET’s regional Middle East office and when is given the chance is trying to increase the cybersecurity awareness of the public.