KRYPTI – The Future of Security Featuring MicroToken Exchange (MTE).

Mr. Shoenberger has developed disruptive technology for electronic payments and data security companies since the mid-nineties. He also designed and delivered high speed, highly redundant and highly secure platforms and continues to emerge as a first mover and innovator in applying these solutions to the mobile space and industry specific markets such as payment processors working directly with the Federal Reserve and Card Associations, the largest financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

KRYPTI is a patented technology created by Mr. Schoengerger, it is a MicroToken Exchange (MTE) that secures data at rest and in motion preventing real data from being stolen. It is operated by the KryptiWallet, which provides a solution to securing digital assets that is superior to any other online or offline wallet on the market today. It solves the problem of securing cryptocurrency, protecting data using the MTE technology and a Digital Vault. It is certified by PCI-DSS level 1 for financial Data Storage and HIPAAcompliant. In final, KryptiWallet can also store any blockchain private key protecting any blockchain asset, including: Security documents, Medical files, Financial data and Passport/Civil ID files.