DNS: An Asset, Not a Liability

Every IT professional knows by now that Domain Name System (DNS) servers are risky business, with attackers using them to redirect traffic to malicious sites, communicate with command-and-control servers, steal data, and bring down networks.

What is less commonly known is that DNS can be configured to protect itself against attacks, and furthermore become a security asset that augments traditional defenses such as firewalls, antivirus software, and security and event management systems (SIEMS).


Mr. Ashraf Sheet is the Regional Director, Middle East, Africa & Turkey for Infoblox, the global leader in DDI and Secure Network Control. Ashraf is a security expert in the Middle East and has been in the Network and Security Industry for the past 20 years during which he held various progressive roles including a senior security consultant, leader for Managed Security services, and head of Security Business Unit for local and multinational companies. Throughout his career he managed to capture various knowledge covering networking, systems, and security across different vendors which made him a trusted advisor to many critical customers in the banking, energy and government sectors